LAPFF fights for end to systemic racism

July 20th 2020


Human Rights


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LAPFF gives its full support to the calls to end systemic racism sparked by the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer in May.

Systemic racism is devastating to individuals and communities and has wider implications for sustainable shareholder value. The Forum is clear that a world which tolerates the subjugation of individuals based on race is one that deprives businesses of the diversity needed to build constructive work environments that lead to innovation and success.

The Forum is sympathetic to concerns about the health implications of holding mass protests during the Covid-19 pandemic, yet these cannot be used to supress legitimate debate.

In a prophetic warning months before Mr Floyd’s death, the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights at the United Nations said (in March):

“Restrictions taken to respond to the virus must be motivated by legitimate public health goals and should not be used simply to quash dissent.”

LAPFF will build on the momentum created by the latest global action to enforce human rights and protect members’ shareholder value.