Housing Update – Samarco Tailings Dam Collapse Reparations

April 15th 2021


Human Rights


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Date of Samarco dam collapse: 5 November 2015



Total houses to be rebuilt across all three communities: 537 according to affected community representatives (579 including the familiar resettlements), 444 (including the familiar resettlements) up from 440 last month, according to the Renova Foundation.

Company number refers to BHP and Vale. Renova Foundation, their joint venture established to provide reparations in Mariana, has provided different numbers, as above.

*As at 15 July 2021

**As at 15 July 2021

*** The companies state that some community members are choosing alternative options, but the affected community members engaged state that they have just run out of energy to fight the companies and are being forced into options not of their choosing.

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